Welcome to the NPTLab
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Welcome to the Computer Networks and Network Science Lab at the Computer Science Department, DI, University of Milano, UNIMI.

Our Lab, led by Prof. Gian Paolo Rossi, supports research projects in a broad range of topics in network communications, including architecture and protocol design, performance evaluations and measuring, modeling and analysis. We are currently focusing on wireless networks, delay/disruption tolerant networks, vehicle-to-vehicle networks, sensor networks and on semantic query routing in P2P networks.

The protocol design always considers practical technological and application scenarios. The protocol performances are compared and evaluated through simulations or through the deployment of specific testbeds. Theoretical lines of research focus on the complexity, correctness and termination analysis for the designed algorithms and on the derivation of models to describe node mobility or system behaviors.


The Lab projects involve students and the collaboration with Companies and/or Government Institutions. The main objective is to provide a framework where the University and Companies can cooperate on common areas of interest.



CISCO - NPTLab Talent Cisco Program


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