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Wide-Scale Broadband Middleware for Network Distributed Services


This project involves eight Universities and Research Consortiums in Italy. The project purpose concerns the design, implementation and evaluation of network services and infrastructures to support virtual communities. A middleware platform will be deployed, providing ubiquitous information access to both fixed and mobile users, and supporting Quality of-Service requirements, security, device mobility and location independency. In this framework, our group is involved in the following issues:

  • Definition of the architecture for level 7 switching and of the interaction scheme based on the peer-to-peer paradigm, to support information sharing with QoS requirements
  • Design of network policies supporting the level 7 switching architecture
  • Implementation and evaluation of the architecture and policies mentioned above.

Supported by:

The project is supported by the Italian Ministry for the University and the Scientific and Technological Research (MURST) for the years 2003-2005.

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(Project ended in 2005.)

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